Sales Tip #7 - Social Media

The last two sales tips (#5 and #6) were about the good old-school - but nevertheless important! - basics on how to approach newspapers and magazines. After reviewing the interviews we got so far from our wonderful studios (amazing 130+ as of now ... thank you everybody!) we noticed that only 50% of them have their own Facebook fan page and/or Twitter account. Reason enough for us to talk about some social media basics a little bit.

First of all, social media is about communication with others out there on the Internet. It's not about harvesting millions of fans and followers and bombarding them with your marketing messages. It's about connecting with people who care about you and your messages and yes, eventually they will become your next happy customer. Keeping that in mind, there are so many social media opportunities out there to engage your digital neighbors to achieve this goal. Here are a few major players and how you could use them:


There are currently more than 800 million Facebook users. Not all of them are as crazy about letterpress as we are but it's worth to connect with those who are. Let people know what you are working on, show them pictures of your work, ask for feedback, post events, and: Do not only talk about yourself! Share neat letterpress related stuff you find on the Internet or on other Facebook pages. Stay meaningful and avoid postings of your pet or new car on your fan page. Pets, cars, and children are meant for your personal Facebook profile (please read this article to understand the differences between pages and profiles). However, you can and should share your personality and what is important to you with your audience. Just keep in mind a good balance between your work and your posts related to your private life and think about you as a professional business owner and how you want to be seen by your customers.


Think of Twitter as a one-on-one communication tool where all your other friends can listen to what you and others talk about. Sure, you can send general messages which are meant to inform all your Twitter contacts (aka followers) but same like for Facebook: Stay meaningful! Others follow you to communicate with you and they probably don't care that you just went to the restroom. Again, distinguish between your personal and your business Twitter communication. Some really neat examples: There are companies around which use Twitter as their "internal" chat tool for their employees or use it as part of their customer support. That's what we mean with one-on-one communication, not one-way marketing spamming.


You probably know those kinds of customers who complain that their business cards are soooo expensive when you make them an offer. Why? They don't know anything about the printing process and how labor intensive it is. Therefore, produce a video that shows the whole process from creating the design to cleaning the press and post it to YouTube (and/or any other huge portal like Vimeo). You can either do it on your own (most current cameras can record videos in HD and the Mac comes with an easy to use application to edit movies called iMovie) or if you can afford it ask a professional like Iron Kite Films. Check out their awesome film about The Courtesy Press. Another benefit: The videos will also show up in Google search results.


You are not on Yelp yet? Yelp is a good place to promote your local business, get feedback from your customers, and hopefully get even more customers. Yelp is also another online presence for your studio that will show up in Google search results. Talking about Google, check out Google Places and promote your studio there as well.

Wow, we hope this sales tip is not too long. If you want to discover even more social media opportunities visit SEOmoz and go through this very comprehensive list of social media sites. Have fun discovering Facebook & Co. and don't forget to update your we ♥ letterpress interview after you've set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, don't forget to share this article if you liked it :-)