Sales Tip #6 - How to create a press kit

After our last sales tip about attracting print media (see Sales Tip #5 - Spread the word ... printed!) we want to explain one fundamental part of your PR work: The press kit.

We want to give you some best practices that are often used when it comes to press kits. Basically there are three major parts:

About you

Tell them your story! What is your background and when did you start your letterpress business? Tell them about your motivations, your goals, ... everything that describes you as a printer and your shop. Do you remember the so called hooks we were talking about in Sales Tip #5? What is unique about you and your business? This is a good place to mention the hook again.

Your "about" part doesn't necessarily have to be like a resumé that you would write for a regular job application. It does not have to be that formal but will certainly contain similar information about you. At the end it might look like something to your interview on we ♥ letterpress. Maybe you just want to refer to that interview if it is well written and contains the information described above.

About your products

Now, the most important thing: What do you offer? Be as precise as possible and list all products you offer and include retail prices. Your listing should also include pictures of your products, so a reader gets a better idea of the look (including a CD/DVD with high quality pictures might be a good idea as well). You even want to think about including example prints. You know how important the "feel" of your letterpress products is. Feel free to add other marketing materials that you normally use to complete this part of your press kit.

What did others previously say?

This part might be not applicable for all of you but in case you already had some press coverage in the past tell the reader of your press kit about it. Don't think only of newspapers or magazines, also think about the nice feature in a major blog last year. Include prints and/or links (please double check if they are still working ...) in your press kit and you are all set!

It's not that complicated, is it? But it's still work we know. But trust us - it's worth the effort. The easier those magazines and papers get all information needed the more likely they will write about you and your letterpress studio. Don't hesitate to include more information about you and your business that we did not cover here. We only want to give you an overview on things to consider, not tough guidelines.

Our topic for the next sales tip? We don't know yet. If you have ideas or questions we should cover, feel free to send us an e-mail to and we try to write about them in the near future. We would also appreciate any kind of feedback. Do you think these tips are helpful? What can we do differently or better? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!