Sales Tip #4 - Good page descriptions

As promised, here is our final tip to improve the Google search result for your letterpress studio. Check out Sales Tip #2 to understand how improve your websites title tag. Last week's Sales Tip #3 was about the URL of your web pages and this week we talk about the description of your pages.

The description of your web page shows up in black in Google search results (see above). The description is a short summary of the content a user can expect on the page the search result is linked to. This description is an advertisement for possible visitors of your website, so create a compelling description that a Google user will want to click on. Remember, if you don't define this description in the source code of your page, Google will pick default content of your page for this description. That is probably random content of your page that doesn't engage a user at all and you might loose potential visitors.

So, how can you define this description? Your web page should contain a so called meta tag descriptionin the header of your page, something like

<meta property="description" content="Your compelling page description." />

This meta tag description should not be longer than 160 characters and unique for every page. Yes, it's probably a lot of work for larger websites, but it's worth it. Users tend to visit pages more likely where they know upfront what the page is about. Back to our wedding invitation example of sales tips #2 and #3, your meta tag description should look somethink like "We design beautiful wedding invitations together with our clients. You are involved in the whole design process to get individual invitations you were dreaming of...". Makes sense?

Now you know everything about the different parts of a Google search result. Search for your web pages in Google and check the description for the different search results. Do they match the corresponding content? No? Think about some nice descriptions, at least for your most important pages in the beginning, and talk to your web developer if you can't change them on your own.