How to sell your letterpress prints!

Sales tip #1 - Attend craft fairs

How to sell your letterpress prints!

You already know that selling your letterpress prints is easiest if customers can see the colors and touch and feel the paper and impression. Therefore, craft fairs are an ideal environment to present your work to potential customers. Probably you already have experience with craft fairs but here are some ideas to make your attendance there even more successful:

Choose the right fair

First of all you need to find the right fair for your purpose. Think about your target audience and inform yourself where those people go. Paper and print fairs might be a good option (e.g. wayzgooses, book fairs, National Stationery Show). But think about the size of the event too. Start small to learn how these events work (but don't invest in fairs with decreasing size, visitors, etc.). Chances are you will not be perfect the first time. Therefore, learn in some smaller fairs first before planning to go to one of the bigger events like the National Stationery Show. This is not only a smart way to save some money (because smaller events are not as expensive as the bigger ones) but also important with regards to your reputation (to make sure you are a star seller at those events with huge media awareness).

Get to know your competitors

Once you have decided for the right fair inform yourself who else will be there, especially watch for your competitors. Usually, you will find a list of attendees on the fair's website in advance. Think about what makes your products different to what the competitors sell and also make sure your prices are reasonable and comparable. That doesn't mean yours can't be higher but in case they are you should make sure potential buyers understand why (because you use special paper, more colors for your print, etc.).

Design your booth

Make sure you have the best booth design you can! Visitors will most likely stop at a booth that attracts their eyes and see what you offer. There are different options that make a good booth design (use your corporate design/colors, think three dimensional, group related items, etc.) and there are even Flickr groups with regards to this topic (e.g. SHOW ME YOUR BOOTHS, Arts & crafts fairs & shows). You will find plenty of inspiration there! Just make sure you set up the whole booth before the fair opens to proof your concept. Also, practice how to set it up (track time!) and make sure you can transport it safely to and from the event.

Sell at the fair

We don't think we need to mention that you should treat all visitors friendly and shouldn't sit in your booth bored or talking with friends you brought with you and not paying attention to potential buyers. But we would like to give you the tip to really let people participate in your creative process. Explain how you made your prints (probably you even have a small press with you?!), which materials you use (in easy language, e.g. 100% cotton paper), and where the inspiration for the design came from. People love to understand what they buy and get to know the story behind it.