LABsoloot workshops

We are passionately fond of unique graphic designs, quality paper and materials, not to mention professional graphic solutions. That is why we've decided to launch a workshop series that will offer those within the profession opportunities to learn from fellow professionals about themes and techniques that they've not yet had the chance to work with.

The workshops will begin in early June and will be offered on a monthly basis. They are aimed specifically at those working in graphic design, as a type of professional forum of continuing education, conducted at an expert level and in superb quality. Each two-day session is led by a distinguished professional who will review an exciting topic; rather than lecture, the presenters will involve participants in intensive creative activities that will result in designs and products by the end of the two-day session. We plan for the program to be international, which is why in addition to domestic experts we will also invite prominent international graphic designers to lead sessions. We also hope and would like to encourage potential participants from across the borders because we believe that a colorful and open-minded perspective is the most fertile source of creative ideas and solutions.

We also envision the workshops to extend beyond the dedicated sessions, that is we plan to realize the designs we create and to present them at a joint exhibition.

We complement the series with open days that visitors can attend free of charge. At these events we will introduce visitors to notions such as print methods, types of papers, copyright, etc. We welcome and anticipate persons to attend who did not have the opportunity to partake in our regular workshops.

First session:
8-9 June 2013.
Márton Borzák - IDENTITRICK

Absoloot Studio
1095 Budapest, 48 Soroksári rd. “Malomudvar“ building 22


Information and registration: (English version is under construction)

Saturday, June 8, 2013 (All day) to Sunday, June 9, 2013 (All day)
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48 Soroksári rd. “Malomudvar“ building 22