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Saying it with Letterpress means saying it with respect. Because with letterpress not only the printing is central, but also the customer, the story and the printer. Everything combines to form a single whole. A holistic approach to the printing process, as it were, in which all actions, monitoring and adjustments are harmonised with one another. The result? An incredible interconnectedness between customer, printed matter and printer.
Business card Journalist Tim
Business card Journalist Tim
Business card Mud Shop
Business card Mud Shop
Business card Ferly's
Business card Ferly's
Wedding invitation
Wedding invitation
Interview with David from Typolusso.com
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
2 years ago
What do you like best about letterpress printing?: 
The feeling of the impression
What inspires you?: 
Respect for traditional printing from an age when there was no mass production and automation. Respect for our employees. Real people, each with their own story, their own experience. That respect was our motive for doing things differently. You won´t find a typical working atmosphere at Typolusso. No busy, busier, busiest. We like to make time for you and your project. We listen, react, anticipate and deliver top luxury printed materials.
Which press(es), ink & paper do you usually use?: 
Printing on cotton or recycled paper, we like and we do! Ideal for every house style. And with respect for the environment, naturally.
How would you describe your artwork?: 
Letterpress has existed since the 50's. Quality requirements were strict in those days. But the essence of Letterpress is timeless: printing is an art. And we are bringing this art back to life.
What kind of products do you create?: 
business cards, letterhead stationery, offer presentation files, greeting cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations, folders, etc. There´s a letterpress application available for every printing job.
Do you offer custom work?: 
Where can we buy your products?: 
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