The Tagalong Press

126 West Main Street
United States
The Tagalong Press was founded in 1946 in Amarillo, Texas by my parents, George Bull Young and Audrey E. Schreiber Young. The press was moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 50s, to Kettering, Ohio in the late 50s and came to rest finally in Ohio in early 60s. I am a member of the Amalgamated Printers' Association and almost all of what I do in the shop ends up in the APA bundles. I occasionally print things for friends. The equipment: a 1875 Franklin Gordon New Series 9x13, a 1923 C&P 10x15 NS, a 1911 C&P Pilot. Type ranges from Kennerley to a handful of faces cast in the late 1800s.
Interview with Nils from The Tagalong Press
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
When I was a child
Which press(es), ink & paper do you usually use?: 
Shop equipment: 1875 Franklin Gordon 9x13; 1923 C&P NS 10x15; 1911 C&P Pilot; 1920s 23" C&P Cutter Type from the 1800s to a couple months ago, various old & new faces. Enough 10pt Modern A Monotype to print occasional penny dreadful pieces for the Amalgamated Printers' Association
How would you describe your artwork?: 
What kind of products do you create?: 
Ephemera. Penny dreadful pieces, joke cards, sometimes a book or a sheet of poetry, QSL cards for ham radio friends.
Do you offer custom work?: 
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