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Olivia “Via” San Mateo is the sole proprietor of Olive-Route, a design and letterpress studio which opened its doors in April of 2005. Her approach to design is collaborative, resulting in unique and custom pieces for your event, business, or personal needs. She prints (obsessively) on two vintage letterpress machines and feeds each piece by hand, mixing colors to match just right. Olive-Route is both passion and play, striving to always create beautiful things with equal parts mind and heart at work.
Interview with Olivia "Via" from Olive-Route
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
What do you like best about letterpress printing?: 
The fact that after spending time designing, I'm able to have handmade work at the end of the day. It's the satisfaction of something tangible that I love.
What inspires you?: 
Vintage finds, old-school printer stories, patterns & color, and fashion.
Which press(es), ink & paper do you usually use?: 
I print on a Chandler & Price 10x15 and a Vanderook No. 4T Proof Press. I use rubber-based inks and 100% Cotton paper (such as Lettra).
How would you describe your artwork?: 
My style and inspiration varies depending on the job. If a client want something vintage-inspired, I would think in that way. If they want something modern, I would go in that direction. I collect things that inspire me and channel my inspirations for each client.
What kind of products do you create?: 
Paper goods, such as wedding invitations and special events, business collateral, art prints and personal stationery
Do you offer custom work?: 
Where can we buy your products?: 
Do you offer workshops? If yes, what kind of?: 
Is there anything you wished you had known as a beginner?: 
It's not something that can be learned right away. Letterpress printers have a life-long dedication to the craft.
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