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We are Nieuwe Hoogte, the letterpress printing studio of Ruud Huysmans and myself, Bas Menheere, from Rotterdam. We create premier work featuring best-in-class prints design, letterpress printing and specialty finishing methods. We work for a variety of clients and collaborate with local, national and international designers, illustrators and artists to create unique limited edition print work. This combination keep us fresh, distinctive to see and definitely delightful to touch.
Interview with Bas from Nieuwe Hoogte
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
What inspires you?: 
We do it because it’s fun to do, period. We start every thursday evening by popping a beer and end up printing some sweet limited edition letterpress work! That’s why we treat each project as if it was our last, aiming for the best possible quality, always. Everything we do is handmade so we print things one by one. That’s something you can immediately see when you have it in you hands, you can see and feel the amount of force that’s used to transfer the image onto the paper. Each project utilises its own photopolymer printing plate created from a digital file which gives us the opportunity to transfer those great designs back to our ancient printing presses. And of course the collaborations we do! How often do you come across a letterpress limited edition print, or even without the “limited” in it? For the past 6 months these been getting our main attention, creating a basses for this to work form. Collaborating in such a way turned out to be great for us so we started searching for more artists that could fit our profile. Together with those artists we like to create a collection of affordable limited editions. And to ensure the highest possible quality prints on the market, the artists are carefully hand-picked and our prints are always hand numbered, limited edition, and signed by the artists themselves.
How would you describe your artwork?: 
Starting a letterpress company these days turned out to be quite a challenge. It was last summer when we again needed to pay our own rent instead of making enough money from the projects did. So, we sat down and thought about doing things a little different from now on. Next to the fact that the only projects we did were birth announcements, our undying passion for limited edition prints and our desire for more affordable art for us (and our friends) lead us to doing these special collaborations. We then started our first collaboration together with Bijdevleet and created our “Can’t know the hustle” piece together. After this we contacted quite a few artists from our Instagram account and asked them if they were up for a collaboration. Surprisingly enough almost everybody we contacted was super enthusiastic about collaborating and we’re still working our way down from that list. This was all about 6 months ago. Now we have build quite a collection the only thing needed is to reach the top of that mountain, but with confidence that we’re gonna make it. It probably takes more time than initially planned…
What kind of products do you create?: 
What began with hand-set wood and metal type has become an industry entered around the photopolymer printing plate. Designing for letterpress today begins on a computer, and as such, new fonts, embellished ornaments, graphics, patterns, and complicated multicolour designs can be produced with relative ease. The printing part is still by hand, one at a time. Working with these old machines do has it’s limitations. For example, we cannot take on editions above the 500 pieces because this takes to much time you’d be better off choosing an other more modern printing technique. But from a design point of view pretty much anything is possible even those tiny little details can be transferred to our press. We do pretty much anything, from postcards and posters to Custom envelopes, labels and packaging. Taking things to the next level, that’s what we like!
Do you offer custom work?: 
Do you offer workshops? If yes, what kind of?: 
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