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I’m not sure if you grew up in an Italian family like I did. Regardless, I don’t think that’s necessary to understand just what Mama’s Sauce is about. It goes beyond the direct correlation of hand-mixing inks in bowls and using fine, wholesome ingredients. It’s about taking the time to cook up your project just right. It’s about giving designers a home where they can loosen their belts and give a sigh of relief because they know Mama loves their art as much they do. Mama’s Sauce was founded by three Italians and named by a happy accident while mixing a chunky red ink in a cobalt blue bowl. While we may not mix our inks in a kitchen anymore, we give our spot color print work the same attention that an Italian Mama gives her Sunday sauce.
Interview with Nick from Mama's Sauce
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
What do you like best about letterpress printing?: 
I have a love affair with the transparency of the equipment as well as the unique quality of the prints that they make.
What inspires you?: 
People pushing themselves to their absolute limits. Creating the best objects, people, and spaces that they are able to with all that they are.
Which press(es), ink & paper do you usually use?: 
We have an arsenal of Windmills, Kluges, C&Ps, Vandercooks, a Kelsey and a Challenge.
How would you describe your artwork?: 
A expression of each character that works within our space. We pour ourselves into our work daily.
What kind of products do you create?: 
Wedding invitations, rock posters, business cards, and the dreams of creative people everywhere.
Do you offer custom work?: 
Where can we buy your products?:
Do you offer workshops? If yes, what kind of?: 
We offer tours and an awesome internship program. Tailor-made for aspiring print designers, our interns work hard and have access to a number of unique resources. Interns are responsible for product quality control as well as general shop upkeep. They are taught various skills pertaining to letterpress and silkscreen printing. Several optional seminars are offered each semester including the Spot Color Design Seminar, during which they’re given the opportunity to design a project that will be printed for them by Mama’s Sauce.
Is there anything you wished you had known as a beginner?: 
haha. That's fodder conversation upon conversation.
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