Cucumber Press Studio

Richmond, Virginia
United States
I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with my B.F.A. in Graphic Design. After graduation I packed up the station wagon with what little I had, my cat and my dreams and headed north. I did what I always knew I would do: land a job in the Big Apple. I got married to my best friend, acquired more fur children and was living my dream. But along the way, as I grew professionally, I found myself hungry for the little things I pushed to the side when I left Georgia like sewing, printmaking and getting my hands dirty. I learned how to letterpress, brushed up on my sewing and Cucumber Press was born! I am happily creating invitations, announcements and other neat things for people who want something uniquely them and who don't want to spend a fortune!
Art Deco Wedding Invitation Set
Art Deco Wedding Invitation Set
RadWorks Studio Double Sided Business Cards
RadWorks Studio Double Sided Business Cards
Vintage Victoria Wedding Set
Vintage Victoria Wedding Set
Wedding Invitation + RSVP
Wedding Invitation + RSVP
Interview with Brei from Cucumber Press Studio
When did you start letterpress printing?: 
I took my first class in April of 2010
What do you like best about letterpress printing?: 
The unique challenges it presents and the connection you make with the work because it's so hands-on and thoughtful.
What inspires you?: 
The simple. Ideas, patterns and concepts that you don't have to think too much about. I find a lot of my inspiration in everyday things, the stuff that sparks that sense of nostalgia that runs deep in everyone's lives, that you would have never thought about otherwise. I grew up in the South all my life and really find myself reverting my thoughts back to nature, antiques and comfortable living.
Which press(es), ink & paper do you usually use?: 
My go to paper is Reich Savoy. I love Crane as well, but unless requested otherwise, my love affair stays true to Savoy. I have been taught on C&P Pilots and Vandercooks and hope to soon expand my abilities across other presses.
How would you describe your artwork?: 
Modern with the past in mind. Simple and comfortable. Like a favorite, worn out t-shirt.
What kind of products do you create?: 
Wedding Sets, Event Collateral, Stationary (Holiday & Personal) Baby Announcements, Bridal/Baby Shower Sets, Business Cards and Art prints. I am hope to soon expand into the more artistic and personal side of the medium and incorporate other media alongside letterpress. I will print anything, always looking for that new challenge.
Do you offer custom work?: 
Where can we buy your products?: 
No where in particular right now, will be expanding into shops and markets in the near future.
Do you offer workshops? If yes, what kind of?: 
I hope to one day! Share the Love!
Is there anything you wished you had known as a beginner?: 
Patience, Patience, Patience. Letterpress is it's own beast, and chances are it's been around longer than you. Respect has to be coupled with that because the less you are open to learning the easy and the hard stuff, the less likely you will create substantial work. Don't be afraid to ask veteran printers for advice or tips and do as much research as possible.
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