Interview with Kristin

What is we ♥ letterpress about?
we ♥ letterpress is a place for all people allover the world who love and/or practice letterpress printing. This site is intended to be an inspiring place where you will find all kinds of modern letterpress prints as well as tools that help you in your daily work as a letterpress printer. Therefore, we include print studios and their letterpress art from allover the world, letterpress events, books, projects & much more.

Why letterpress?
Well, everyone who ever had one piece of real letterpress art in his hands knows that great feeling when you touch the structure and softness of the paper and feel the embossing of the print. For me this is not 2D but 3D art. And what also fascinates me is that this is a very old technique with pretty old machines, but it still works! And even better: Modern letterpress printers added new techniques to this old craft and kind of re-invented it. The use of photopolymer plates is probably the best example. A perfect solution to combine contemporary graphic tools like Illustrator with traditional letterpress printing. I love that!

Who is working behind the scenes?
we ♥ letterpress are Ben and Kristin. This place wouldn't exist without him. Seriously. He is my HTML/CSS hero, strategy consultant, and personal motivator - whatever I need, he is there to support me.

Who are you as a person?
I'm a German girl who is living in the US (Cleveland rocks!) at the moment (Therefore, please feel free to email me any grammar/spelling mistakes or any other feedback!). Since when I was young I have always loved doing stuff with my hands. So all kinds of crafts are interesting for me, no wonder I have fallen in love with letterpress. If I'm not thinking about letterpress I'm probably working on a puzzle or reading a historic novel. I love licorice (must be salty!), drink green tea every morning, and can't resist Caramel Frappuccino from Starbuck's (TM) - so good. And I'm collecting all kinds of magazines - design, interior, fashion... Our home is full of them!